Saturday, 16 October 2010

Time for action (yawn...)

According to John Richardson in his Ugley Vicar blog, the evangelical organisation known as Reform is in trouble and needs a good shake up at its annual meeting, which is next week or something (couldn't be bothered to read it all.) For a variety of reasons, which I am too tired to explain, Reform has failed to deliver a manly thrust in its bid to stop the monstrous tyranny of women in the Church of England.

In short, Reform has not managed to reform anything at all and needs to be reformed, or something like that. It may also relate to something Chris Sugden has set up, a society for evangelicals called after St. Augustine. Naming the society after this macho saint seems to me a lot more auspicious than calling it St Wilf and St Winnifred - or whatever the Roman Catholic / Anglo Catholic/ do-they-know-what- they-are- anymore one is called. There are two St Augustines, St Augustine of Hippo was allegedly a bit of a goer and associated with a group of young men who liked to boast of their exploits with women. He had a lover for thirteen years and even managed to get her up the duff- honestly, read Wiki. He is also the patron saint of brewers due to his love of a couple of pints with the lads down the pub. The other St. Augustine was the first Archbishop of Canterbury... enough said then. Apparently, St Winnifred, or Hilda, or whatever her name was, was the patron saint of feisty women. Well, Reform aren't going to make that mistake, they know that women are supposed to submit! The picture of St Augustine has a serious beard, and doesn't look like a wilf.

Now perhaps they can all show us what they're made of and stop fannying around like a bunch of girls.
I'll drink to that!


  1. "... failed to deliver a manly thrust ..."

    Now you're simply being cruel. Women are always so .... critical. :-p

    In any case, you get into my blogs round-up tomorrow.

  2. Thank you, Gurdur. I am flattered, your blog cuts the mustard.

  3. You are brave even to venture onto Ugley’s blog. Some stuff I agree with, some I don’t, but it is the self-righteous lecturing - tinged with that oh so English malady of constantly moaning – I find hard to bear.

    One thing you come to learn about yourself when living in a religious community (and also in a committed relationship, ironically – perhaps they are two sides of the same whole?) is that if you find yourself harping about something, often the extent that you begin to bore yourself, that at heart there is something else going on. The carping and moaning - usually accompanied with a degree of ‘know-it-all’ and ‘if-people-just believed-what-I-believed-and-did-what-I-did-the-world-would-be-a-better-place’ – often belies some much deeper problem... The main focus of attention, much of the time, is the self and the need of self-conviction...

    That aside, the reform of the reformers made me smile! If you remove the middle-class, Evangelical rhetoric, it is quite possible to see our friend leaning over the backyard fence, wearing a pinny, hair in rollers, covered with a headscarf - a character from a Stan Barstow or Alan Sillitoe novel - putting the world to rights and subduing the other gossiping housewives into submission by the sheer force of having the loudest voice and longest monologues.


  4. I have been known to pop over and argue, not for a while though.