Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Lakes

We headed up to the Lake District on Tuesday in the pouring rain. The weather was truly awful! Forget lakes and mountains, low cloud, driving rain and poor visibility put paid to that. We stopped off at Sizergh Castle, which was absolutely packed with damp people who might otherwise been walking on the fells. It really was standing room only, but we fought our way through and decided to give the National Trust tea room- crammed with people in raincoats eating butternut squash soup - a miss. As I was explaining to someone, the place we were staying at fortunately has a spa and fitness centre attached. After the gym, sauna and swim, we headed out to a local pub, which is a proper old fashioned type pub, with real ale and a fire (although I haven't quite forgiven them for introducing deep fried milky way and ice cream onto the menu last year.) Yesterday was much brighter and we managed a scenic ride and short walk in the morning. Later we visited Brantwood, John Ruskin's house. Matthew is very keen on art and actually showed what might have been described a glimmer of interest in Ruskin's paintings and gardens. We spent quite a while in the house and longer in the gardens, where we took some pictures. Pictured below is the Zig-Zaggy , a garden which is meant to represent the journey of the soul through purgatory - don't ask me, I never understood those weird inventions, sorry doctrines, of the Roman Catholic Church. Anyhow, you can read it all on this helpful poster. After we had escaped through purgatory, we went to the tea room, where people without raincoats were eating bowls of butternut squash soup...
We would really have liked to go for a walk this morning, but Matthew talked us into the gym and swim option again. Just as well really, it had been quite bright but the clouds soon threatened and we came home the way we set off - in the driving rain. A description of purgatory above,and the purgatorial garden below (looks nice, doesn't it?)

We returned home to find that our elder son(whom we had daringly/ trustingly/ rashly left behind on his own) had survived and so had the house. Result.

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  1. Looks good, but I still can't get the cold out of my bones from our four night stay in Keswick, in February. Snow on the fells, one of the smaller lakes still frozen over, hard frosts every night in a house with a paucity of central heating and old fashioned sash windows devoid of double-glazing. We left without any regrets - tho' wrote warm, economies with the truth in the guest book as the house belonged to friends of mine and it was kind of them to lend it to us.

    I'm booked to stay again at the beginning of December, but only over night and I'll probably stay with my neice and her family who live in Whitehaven.

    It's a lovely place, but you need to have the weather to enjoy it. P & I visit in February 2007 and had four days of brilliant sunshine - just goes to show!

    Glad you had a good time.