Thursday, 21 October 2010

How many layers do you want on that?

One has to feel a pang of sympathy for Rowan Williams in the midst of all the squabbling and division. He is in India at the moment (who can blame him) and gave an interview in which he said that the Anglican Communion might have to become multi-tiered (it seems we're a step further on from the two track communion he was once describing.)

"I don't at all like, or want to encourage, the idea of a multi-tier organisation. But that would, in my mind, be preferable to complete chaos and fragmentation. It's about agreeing what we could do together."

In other words, if the Anglican Communion was a cake, it would be a lot better if it looked like this:

than like this:

But if we are going to manage to be a many tiered communion, we might just need something... something to bind the layers together. Now what could that be?

(Hint: the answer is NOT "an Anglican Covenant"!)


  1. I've always thought the Church of England resembles a Christmas Cake. It has a very sweet-looking surface, but bite into it and it contains lots of nuts. Too much of it can create indigestion and terrible wind.

  2. Indeed! I am going to try and avoid the topic for a few days as I have had my fill:)

  3. I love the illustration with the cakes. Looking from the outside in towards the Anglican communion, there just doesn't seem to be any answer unless people can learn to live with their differences. Where human rights are concerned how can we consciously be in tacit agreement with countries where for example, gay people are liable to be put to death? We are facing similar problems in the CofS where some people cannot accept the laws of t(he land. Their reasoning may be sincere, but they are sincerely wrong. Btw - the cakes make me want coffee - am off now to the kitchen!)