Saturday, 16 October 2010

Finding new homes and going new places..

A few announcements this morning have caught my eye. The first is that Bishop John Broadhurst has resigned and is going to join the Ordinariate. This really should come as no great surprise given his long standing involvement in Forward in Faith. Full marks, by the way, to anyone who can explain to me why FIF apparently is not- and presumably never has been- an Anglican organisation, and if so why we should have listened to all those speeches from its members in Synod about changes to the church to which they belong?

The second announcement is that a parish in Kent is to become the first Ordinariate parish. I, for one, will be interested to watch how this develops and pans out. There are key questions about whether those joining the Ordinariate will still remain loosely within the Anglican fold and whether they will be allowed to keep their properties and buildings. I confess that I do not know who will decide these matter and how, or indeed how long such matters will take to resolve. I will say that although I find it incomprehensible that anyone sees fit to exclude women from full ministry for any reason, theological or otherwise, I do hope that there will be a degree of generosity. I do not want to see squabbles over land and property, I do not think the numbers will warrant the conflict involved, and I think it neither very Christian, nor British to engage in such action. (Come on, chaps...)

And finally Bishop Nazir Ali, never a particular favorite of mine, has upped and gone to help out dissenting churches in South Carolina. He will join the diocese as Visiting Bishop for Global Anglican Relations( about fourth paragraph down.) I will refrain from too much comment on this, other than to say that he did announce that he was resigning in order to help persecuted Christians around the world, and there is a class of Christian that thinks that being infiltrated by gay people constitutes persecution... To be fair, his work there will only be part time, so maybe he will spend the rest of his time helping those who actually do face daily threat, violence and persecution because of their faith?

It still looks to me like a case of moving heaven and earth to ensure "no women, no gays."

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