Saturday, 16 October 2010


It has been a really busy week, and although I have made it to the gym twice, I have simply not found the time or inspiration to blog. I have even struggled to find the time to read or comment on other blogs, rare for me as I am a fairly keen reader of other blogs with favourites that range from the well known, widely read, such as OCICBW and Church Mouse to blogs that really are more personal, sometimes written by friends, or by individuals who have started to comment on my blog, thus letting me get to make a new cyber acquaintance. Examples include Freya’s, What’s the Story in Dalamory, Stephen’s The Problem with Religion and the wonderful Cantos of Mutabilitie, with its wonderful discourse on art and literature.

One of the problems I have with making a blog list is that the blogs I read can vary over time. It is frustrating to discover a favourite blog only to find the author is not as keen on it as you are and either stops blogging altogether or starts to post so infrequently that you forget their blog actually exists! Blog reading is also dynamic rather than static; I will have a spate of discovering new blogs, and sometimes the number of blogs I am reading becomes unmanageable. At the same time, certain blogs do have a long shelf life, especially if you get to know the people writing them. I have certain blogs that I check practically every day, Thinking Anglicans, for example, because of its comprehensive coverage of everything to do with the Church of England, Church Mouse for its sensible, moderate comment on a wide range of Anglican news stories, Lesley’s blog because I love it and the ideas and thoughts are so varied and touch on topics I care about and interest me.
I also have certain blogs that I read when wanting to understand different perspective on a story – for example Anglo Catholic, evangelical, fundamentalist or even atheist or agnostic blogs. For example I enjoy reading Re-vise Re-form for an evangelical perspective that is pro women’s ministry. Sometime I like to read on other related issues, Islamophobia blog when something about banning the veil in the news. One of my favourites is Heresy Corner, not because I always agree, but because it can be interesting and topical - and I have been known to argue my corner with the Ugley Vicar! I also have certain blogs that I read because they feed me spiritually, Bosco Peter’s Liturgy often does this and the Colophon Monastery blog is a haven of good thoughts!
The other day I counted the blogs listed in my “favourites” and found they numbered seventy four and the list is showing no signs of reducing. I hope you will find the ones listed here are worth reading.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation Sue :) The link doesn't work though.. I'll have to look at some of these - haven't heard of some of them! Thanks for pointing me to them.

  2. Sorry it doesn't work. I am having a few computer problems at the moment!