Monday, 18 October 2010

Please pray...

">Church Mouse informs me that Cranmer ( the blogger, the other one is dead) hopes that Cliff Richard's song "Little Town" makes it as a Christmas number one this year. With memories of the truly awful Millennium Prayer playing in my mind I reluctantly typed "Little Town" in to youtube. I was not sanguine , but after only about forty seconds I switched it off. I have to say that I loathe this song , yes, it might grow on me, but I don't want it to. Please pray that nobody buys it, because if I have to lisen to this over Christmas, or worse still I find myself humming it by the 22nd December, I may just cancel the whole event.

I may just cancel the whole event anyhow.

Bah humbug...and it isn't even November yet.


  1. Before the Equinox the Old Cock pub, near where we live, had stencilled holly leaves on the windows! I scowl every time I walk passed!

    And now a song by Sir Cliff! Though I am sure he enjoyed Christmas as a small boy - ferreting around in the back of the closet to see if he could find his Christmas presents... Probably why he chose never to come out...


  2. Prayer is ok up to a point. For a more practical approach I suggest this:

    tell all your friends.


  3. The Millenium Prayer is one of my favourite songs! If you remember, tghe last time somebody campaigned to get Cliff off the Christmas/New Year chart, we got landed with Iron Maiden's egregious Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter. I can tell you two things: firstly, I haven't bought Cliff's song; secondly, I'll be buying it.

  4. What happy-clappy Chapel is this shown in the video? It is the first time I have seen an evangelical, septuagenarian homosexualist who uses botox, and has a neck like a tortoise. I don't wish to be unkind, but he's the sort who would have to re-assure our Bishops that his relationship with a former RC priest "friend" is celibate.

  5. Being an atheist does carry with it certain advantages. One of those advantages is not having to sing songs whose music was apparently designed for the Bee Gees -- in the words of the immortal parody:

    "Meaningless songs
    In very high voices,
    And then a little

    I apologise for my smugness in this score, and I nominate Jethro Tull, "Songs From The Wood", for a Christmas anthem. It doesn't exactly talk about Christmas, but then Jethro Tull's "Hymn 43" or "Mother Goose" would be overly provocative. Though their "Protect and Survive" would be a very good anthem too for the whole Christmas period.

  6. I listened (briefly) to "Bring your daughter to the slaughter." I concluded that I can quite happily live my life without either Iron Maiden or Cliff Richard.
    I'll just content myself with Carols from Kings on Christmas Eve. I have even known some atheists who would not miss that, Gurdur.

  7. I'll bet there are even atheists who like Cliff Richard (heaven knows why). Me, I can't stand Iron Maiden. Tossers. If I want to be gloomy, I can do Joy Division, Magazine, or Carols from Kings (sorry, joking on the last bit).