Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bessie and broccoli

I have had a bit of a strange weekend, most of it has been wiped out by a virus or exhaustion (not sure which), but this afternoon I felt a bit better, and I took Bessie out for a slightly less strenuous version of our customary weekend trek.
It is important that Bessie is exercised as she is currently under strict vet's orders to lose weight. Bessie seems to suffer from a propensity to gain weight easily. When we first took her home, she weighed a whole pound more than the other puppies in her litter, and has always been ... sturdy. The fact that we might be in denial about the fact that she has turned into a bit of a butterball was brought home on a recent walk when a small child greeted her with the words, "Hello, little fat doggie." A trip to the vet confirmed the worst - it was time for a diet.

The vet recommended that we give her no scraps or extras, walk her vigorously, cut her portions down and bulk up her food with plenty of vegetables. Bessie is not exactly impressed with our austerity measures, and the picture above shows her response to vegetables - pick them up and chuck them out of the bowl, especially broccoli, which she seems to consider inedible.
I had considered whether Bessie is a supertaster, but this weekend the hunger pangs must have reached a new level. After throwing her broccoli out in disdain, wolfing her food and licking the bowl all around the kitchen, she did the unheard of. She returned to the broccoli and ate it.
Times must be hard!

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