Wednesday, 11 August 2010

For your bookshelf

Here is a sneak preview of my reading plan for next year's vacation...

I have already warned Bessie that she may be featuring as my stylish Autumn knitwear.

A chance to extend my knowledge of polymorphous perversity is always welcome.

... and of pregnant Spanish men...

I like to take some light theological reading away with me, so that I know how to answer my children's burning questions in a way that is helpful for the whole family.

With A level results day and the start of a new term looming, this one has a certain appeal. ( I know you'll all miss me...)


  1. When are you choosing the book group's book for the month?

  2. I am sorry to hear you are disappearing with a sadistic, pregnant, vegetarian Spaniard. Try to keep warm in Bessie's coat.

  3. Being the only male in the book group, the Spanish one seems the obvious choice to alienate everyone else

  4. I think we'd all be quite fascinated to find out about the details. Those of us who have given birth could share also share our eye watering experiences.

    I think oral sadism might be quite eye watering as well...

    A practical session of knitting with dog hair might leave you less queasy. I could supply the dog?