Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A bit of a mish...

“The Devil will find work for idle hands to do”, or so Morrissey intoned in "What Difference does it Make". It was partly with this in mind that I “persuaded” my sons that for the duration of the summer we should make one day a week “Dad’s night off” and they should take responsibility for cooking and washing up after the evening meal. (I should explain at this point that Kev does the cooking; without him we would live off toast and takeaways.)
We got off to a cracking start with a chilli con carne lovingly prepared and cooked courtesy of younger son and the dishes sloppily washed up, or at least dunked in a bowl of water, by his brother afterwards. After that endeavour, there was less enthusiasm.
Tonight saw the turn of one of them to cook again. I had planned a staggeringly simple affair consisting of some chicken, a few vegetables and a jar of readymade sauce, but was still told that that it was “a bit of a mish” and he wanted to go on Facebook.
Apparently, “mish” is an abbreviation for “mission” and roughly translates as “too much effort.” Something can also be “a bit of a trek”, “a bit of a quest”, and even, “a bit of a pilgrimage” (at least they have a range of synonyms in their vocabulary.)
Son in question was eventually persuaded to come downstairs and half heartedly prod some vegetables around a pan for almost a minute, before the lure of FB won out.
So I finished off sautéing the chicken and veg and bunged in the sauce. It was a bit of a mish, but it tasted alright...


  1. This picture fills all we bible-believers with terror. Why are these men usurping the role God assigned to women? I hope you don't force them to clean the lavatory as well.

  2. Tut, what are you complaining about? He gets one night off a week and the boys are being trained up to fit their God given role as toilet cleaning/ nappy changing partners and fathers.

    They are also fully in favour of women as bishops. On reading an article by a well known priest about women's incapacity for ministry, my son pertinently remarked, "What a twat."

    Now you see just how far the insidious liberal/feminist agenda has progressed in British households, Fr Hugh Jass.

  3. I, too have given up the cooking role in our retired persons' house. 40 years was enough!

  4. I have pretty much given it up as well...and the shopping... and the ironing...and the dusting...and changing the beds

  5. I hope said son didn't expect to eat any of it.

    Iffy Vicar

  6. He wolfed it down!
    We could implement a "those who eat shall earn their bread" policy, I suppose?