Monday, 5 July 2010

Urgent Call for Prayer!

Significant Truths is calling for all readers to urgently pray for all those who think seem to think it is a matter of urgency to keep an entirely innocuous celibate gay man from becoming the next Bishop of Southwark. Please pray that we may all be granted a sense of perspective, grace, and love for our neighbour as ourselves, and that an awareness of the speck of dust in our neighbour’s eye will never block out the plank of wood in our own.

Amen .


  1. I agree- it isn't as if there are any bigger issues to confront contemporary British Christians today such as, say, the fabric of social care, education & the welfare state being sacrificed on the altar of nihilistic capitalism, is it?

  2. You mean that social care, education and the nation's welfare is more important to God than whether someone like Jeffrey John gets to be a bishop....

    (It is sad, isn't it!)

  3. I have always believed in miracles. But praying for the conversion of Anglican Mainstream to Christianity stretches my humble faith much too far.

  4. Wholly sad - if the nays had had the chance to choose a King on his track record of ambiguous sexuality then King James I wouldn't have made it to the throne and we wouldn't have a King James Version of the Bible.

    An odd thing, to write, I know, but I think it gives a sense of how ludicrous this whole debate is. Measuring the worth of a man by his sexuality - (despite the fact he is celibate) rather than his conduct and his gifts.

    I wonder how many of the nays have their own little compromises with Scripture - but like health consists of having the same diseases as one's neighbour, so it would seem 'acceptable' righeousness consists of having made the same compromises as the majority...

    The sad thing is, when a man is honest, he is condemned: how many of our orthodox friends aren't honest about their own failures and compromises with Scripture and yet get away with it!! This reminds me of Matt 25: 31-46 and it is notable that this is not a tale of personal morality, but rather how we are supposed to treat our neighbours...



  5. As a religious non-Christian (Buddhist, in fact), yes. It's really tragic, actually. I feel a mixture of compassion and great respect for those of you who feel called by faith to continue to deal with this crap, and with such grace. You're definitely having such punishment as may come to you in this life! :)

  6. Blimey, poor Jeffrey John :(
    I hate the way we treat gay people in church :(