Friday, 23 July 2010

Scarlet women

According to Riazat Butt ( who usually knows her stuff), London buses are to carry adverts for the ordination of women during the Papal visit. Some groups seem to think that this might cause offence. Offence does cut both ways; some people have already been offended by the rather unfortunate fact that the Vatican recently scored an own goal by declaring in the same breath that child abuse and the ordination of women are grave sins - yes, yes, I know it is more complex than that...

I tried to imagine what the slogan would be, and in the end I made my own using the atheist bus slogan generator. If anyone's offended, please remember that there are Roman Catholics who support the ordination of women. Also, if you don't like it you can always - er- go to another site...


  1. I almost crashed my car the other day when I saw a large bus being driven by a woman. I was deeply offended and scandalised. I may never return to this liberal site again.

  2. I think if anyone is offended they could visit Anglican Mainstream or mainstreams where the content is never controversial.