Monday, 19 July 2010

Retreat - Christ Light of the World

I am now back from retreat, all refreshed and spiritual! We enjoyed a mixture of worship with group discussion, informal discussion and free time, a lunch out on Saturday evening and a walk on Sunday afternoon.Two of the people I already knew and thought would be there didn't turn up (are they trying to tell me something...) but it was lovely to reconnect with one or two others and meet new folk. Below are a few pictures of some of the places we visited.

Buckfast Abbey - photo taken on a visit on Saturday afternoon.

Some pictures from the gardens above. There were rose and lavender gardens and a sensual garden where you could smell the herbs and touch the plants, but not the monkshood ( or wolfbane) which is poisonous!

On Sunday afternoon we wandered on the moors, which worked up a good appetite for Sunday lunch. Some more here on flckr.


  1. I am so glad you didn't touch the monkshood. They are all celibate you know.

  2. You could touch as long as you washed your hands straight away, Fr Hugh Jass.

  3. Suem, thank you for the photos. I have mixed memories of those beautiful moors. As young Marines we were run ragged on them but in quiter times I got to appreciate their beauty. We all need to get away and recharge our spiritual batteries from time to time.