Saturday, 10 July 2010

Blogging from Synod

I am at York this weekend, it is a beautiful day and watching the ducks and geese makes a welcome break from listening to the deliberations in the Synod chamber.

Speeches this morning included those from the Anglo Catholics, including a "young traditionalist woman." They mainly focused on the need for sacramental assurance and that the Church was reneging on previous promises and safeguards around the ministry of women. They felt that the Revision Committee report created "winners and losers" and left no place for those opposed, who should be recognised as faithful Anglicans.

John Saxbee, Bishop of Lincoln indicated that he would later feel called to vote against the Archbishops' proposals. He said that this was "a serious matter" but that the issues at stake were serious issues. That women are asked to minister in a church where a Code of Practice is required is, he reminded us, is in itself no small thing. He also urged that grace rather than law should govern our affairs.

Christine Hardman (Southwark) was the first speaker and spoke of some of the theology of incarnation and that the Revision Committee report really does go as far as it can for those opposed, but stops just short of moving to the creation of a two tier church.

Synod voted to take note of the recommendations of the Revision Committee.

This afternoon Synod has rejected two measures, one relating to separate dioceses and the other to transfer to suffragan bishops.

The Archbishop of York is currently speaking on the Archbishops' proposed amendments.

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