Thursday, 15 July 2010

Away on retreat

Term has finally ended, and I have to admit that for me the hiatus of the summer holidays is always a time to pause and reflect a little on the past and future. A lot of things have happened over the past few months, and change is the word that keeps coming to mind. There’s been a new job for me, retirement for Kev, and personal and health problems with both our boys. Other changes include moving into new work premises, joining a new church and anticipating Paul starting college in September.

This coming weekend should bring an opportunity to seriously reflect as I am going on retreat tomorrow– to a Benedictine monastery known for its bee keeping – (I think those boxes are hives?) But I don’t want to reflect on the past, or at least I only want to focus on some of the positive changes that the past few months have brought and NOT the negatives.

I will be meeting some friends on the retreat and I am aiming just to be – to be myself and be with others, feel peace and joy and have fun. I logged on to Peter Bosco’s Liturgy blog today and found this post about finding God in the everyday things. The thoughts in it seemed right for this moment, and, since I leave tomorrow morning, and might not be blogging until at least Tuesday, I will leave you with it.


  1. Have a lovely, restful and spiritual time with God and your friends!

  2. Thanks!
    (that was quick:)

  3. yes, have a great break and can rest in God while you are away.
    red x

    PS: love todays dog!! so cute.

  4. That sounds good :-)
    Are you coming to the Courage retreat? (I have a feeling we've had this conversation before?


  5. Thanks Red, glad you appreciate the puppy of the day item!

    Hi Sig,
    We've definitely had this conversation on FB! I'm NOT going to be at the Courage retreat in September, it is the weekend after Kev's birthday, and I am planning something special for him. I've heard there might be an event in April though? But I will FB you and catch up!

  6. Taking time out to Be and to be close to God is so important. Have a special time.

  7. I hope it is a good break!