Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Paint it black!

Our elder son recently requested a new duvet set; like Henry Ford he stipulated that it could be any colour as long as it was black! He has also requested that when we next decorate his room he would like quite a lot of it to be black. I am worried about this request, after all black is NOT psychologically healthy is it? My son does not agree and has pointed out this is just in his nature! While he is not an emo , (or so I am informed) he does also tend to dress in blacks, greys, browns and, when he is feeling very daring, navy blue. He will not purchase any item of clothing with a logo, piping or anything that might be considered detail. He likes things plain and, if at all possible, he likes them black.

Sartorially speaking, our younger son couldn’t be more different from his brother, for a start he is interested in clothes. His wardrobe is full of patterns and colours and I frequently get asked if a particular item can be washed and ironed in time for a particular event. So I was a bit surprised when I discovered that he also approves of the black bedroom look, although his description of a more a monochrome look with black, white and gunmetal grey did sound more -er- human. So yesterday Mr M bought two black and white duvet sets -the one with checks above was rejected by elder son as “a bit too fussy” - and I suppose at some stage we will be at B&Q (reluctantly) buying tins of black paint!


  1. At theological college I painted my room black. It is very soothing and prepares one for a holy life. I have dressed like a black crow ever since. You know me , Sue. I have turned out completely normal. My cassock is black. My shoes and socks are black. My suit is black. Every evening I eat a whole box of Black Magic. This makes my face black. I hope your son turns out as holy as me.

  2. We are consulting a psychiatrist this very afternoon, Fr Hugh.

  3. Well at least it is original! Here I sit in our primrose yellow living room - a glance into the hall reveals a primrose white (white with a hint of yellow)hall. Upstairs the main bedroom is painted in 'Lemon Zest' and the front bedroom is more primrose. Thankfully the bathroom is painted duck egg colour!!

    So my hat goes off to your son - originality!

    I will add - giving a little glimpse of times gone by - my mother and I stripped the wall-paper off the walls in all the rooms of our house; this was in 1980. In 1992 my father got round to decorating...

    Black would have been better than bare, Victorian plaster!!

    Happy decorating...

    (P.S. & your son says your weird!!!!)

  4. I am weird and proud of it!

    I am not sure we will get around to decorating for a while anyway and they are too idle to do it themselves.

    I still remember the days when they had Thomas the Tank Engine and Harry Potter wallpaper respectively. We really have hit the teens recently:)

  5. When I was a teenager I went through this phase. Everything had to be black or deep purple. Perhaps, at a point in life where things can be extremely complicated some people require their surroundings to be very straight forward, uncomplicated, plain and simple.

  6. Interesting! I think it might be about security and safety.

    I wonder if it also about masculinity in a weird way? I think masculinity in our society is tightly "policed" that young men feel they can't go wrong opting for dark and minimalist. From working with teenagers, I think they are sensitive about whether they will be approved of in terms of their choices ( eg in clothes and music)anyhow.

    Thanks for commenting.

  7. If you would prefer him to have his room white then paint your room black - Jimmy.

  8. Jimmy, you are a genius!

  9. Our son also wanted a black bedroom - a few years back now. We eventually settled on very dark navy, can't remember how we persuaded him to accept the compromise. That's his dressing style too!