Sunday, 6 June 2010

More double standards

Thinking Anglicans carries a report from The Telegraph that the Church is to allow remarried divorcees to become bishops. So, leaving a spouse and breaking sacred marriage vows is considered less culpable than entering into a life long same sex relationship? Is this the steer from the Church? Some traditionalists may complain, but will this be a Communion breaking issue? Far from it ; deviations from scripture which are convenient to heterosexuals are tolerated.

It is not the decision itself that I necessarily disagree with, just the double standards. More and more I fight the feeling that being involved in the Church makes me a part of something which is nasty and morally shabby.


  1. May I say I welcome the move for a Bishop to have more than one wife. The present Mrs Jass is getting on a bit now - and it's time for me to have a younger chick. No Vicar likes to come home to an old bat. I am grateful to Sydney 'Anglicans' for complaining about this helpful site:

  2. What would we do for porn and immoral websites without them and Anglican Mainstream?

  3. Indeed! At least we have some great people still going into the church:)

  4. They will be eating with tax-collectors and sinners next!