Friday, 18 June 2010

Monkish murders

I am currently reading a book club novel, C.J. Sansom's Dissolution, which falls into the nicely alliterative murder-mystery-in-a-medieval-monastery genre. It reminds me of the few Brother Cadfael books that I read many moons ago and of the Name of the Rose, which I have never been able to watch right through, but seems to have all the same ingredients. It also occurs to me that a large part of the popularity of books such as The Davinci Code ( which is entirely a work of fantasy by the way) is its setting of ancient churches and monasteries and elements such as spooky monks with dark secrets.

Has anyone any idea why the presence of a monk ratchets up the spooky-scare factor by so much - and why don't nuns seem to have the same effect?

This post is dedicated to Rajm ; just remember that loathing a book with a passion can be fun...


  1. Probably the cowls and the possibility of hiding the face.
    Thank you - now trying not to take it too seriously!
    You've not read the book Name of the Rose? it's better than the film IMHO

  2. Yes, it could be the cowls, or the idea of the forces of good and evil!

    I've never read The Name of the Rose.