Monday, 14 June 2010

Is it wrong to laugh at other religions?

Ask Phillip - Is it wrong to make fun of others religions? from Audio Advice on Vimeo.

Of course it is wrong boys and girls, it isn't nice for one thing. Oh, but hang on, maybe just a little smirking and ridicule might be in order?


  1. I love stand-up comedy. Is this man coming to the Edinburgh Festival? He should win this year's Perrier Prize.

  2. Yes, I think I detected more than the occasional hint of self-satisfied smugness! Of course the real irony in this man's take on idolatry is that you could argue many of our Evangelical brethren’s fixation on the Bible is itself idolatrous! Again and again it is quoted, misquoted and waved about as the conclusive evidence of God’s relation to humanity; it is seen as the main means of communication with the divine.

    Yet I would argue that many Christians use it as little more than sanctified Tarot Cards – looking through its pages to see what God is telling them. ‘God showed me that in such and such a book and such and such a verse that he has this plan for my life...’

    What is interesting is the fact that until the 17th century personal ownership of a Bible was rare and it was not until the 19th century that the majority of Britons could even read a Bible. For 1,500 years of Christianity’s history only a tiny proportion of the population had access to a Bible because before printing books were so few and only the educated could read. Even monarchs, until the late middle-ages probably could not read. But we’re told we should read it daily... Why? Europe stayed Christian for over a thousand years without the majority of its citizens reading a word of the Bible, themselves, from cradle to grave!

    So why is there such a fixation on the Bible - especially when it is not a particularly reliable document if you are looking for hard facts? Why do we have it held up as something we should revere?

    God also gave us reason and through reason we have come to see that the Bible has its flaws. We have used reason to build wholesome societies – often more fair and with greater social justice than when the Bible was well known!

    Whatever, the man’s little ‘talk’ had more than its fair share of sneering at the beliefs of others – and in doing so did little, in my humble opinion, to promote the virtues of his own creed...

  3. Thanks Stephen,
    Yes, I think some fundamentalists are idolatrous about the bible. I've known people who would just randomly open it to find "a word" from God if they were in a difficult situation, I am sure you have as well.

    Another time I will do a post on how we read the bible!