Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fudge Recipe

Classic Anglican Fudge (Deluxe – Bishop flavoured)


The decision of Synod to admit women to the Episcopate
One Revision Committee
Solutions that have seemed inadequate
One “bright” idea wrapper
Baffling language
The kudos of being Canterbury or York


1. Place the decision of Synod to admit women to the Episcopate on the table, prod it a bit and wonder how you can make it palatable to everyone.
2. Place the decision in Revision Committee for as long as possible and pray it comes out alright.
3. When it comes out and you realise it is not to all tastes – try not to panic.
4. Take a few of the solutions that have seemed inadequate – flying bishops, delegation and statutory transfer.
5. Place these in a bowl and squish them around vigorously using a good fudge making technique until nobody can tell one from the other. Try to use the “side by side” method.
6. Now combine with the decision of Synod to admit women to the Episcopate
7. Add a substantial dose of baffling language; try to apply so that nobody can see any holes.
8. Glaze your fudge with the kudos of being the Archbishops of Canterbury and York
9. Wrap it in a “bright idea” wrapper and serve it up to those of differing views making sure it is labelled either “equality” or “man in charge” respectively.

Yes, this is a bit mean isn't it, and who would want Rowan William's job - but at the same time a sense of humour is badly needed.


  1. Mmmmmmmmm! That should make an interesting aroma! Not that I'd dare to taste it.

  2. I've just eaten a whole packet. My dentures fell out.

  3. Not mean, just wonderful. I think the Arches' proposals insult women, the Revision Committee, and Synod all in one go - and this was supposed to be a bright idea?!
    Iffy Vicar

  4. I had to struggle not to splutter my coffee with that! :)

  5. Sue, this is so good. Is there a Covenant flavoured fudge that you could give us the recipe for?