Monday, 28 June 2010

Flying the flag

You didn't know Jesus was an England supporter, did you? Here he is in this painting by della Francesca, stepping out of the tomb while waving one of those ubiquitous flags. Let's just say that nobody is going to be harrowing hell waving one of those things right now...
(H/t Bishop of Stockport's sermon yesterday)


  1. O we all knew that! "And did those feet in ancient time", etc. And if you're going to bring a flag to the harrowing of hell, why I think one with a St. George's cross is very appropriate! ; )

  2. I'm not sure Jesus is an England supporter, I'm just hoping he's rooting for Spain, then I might win our work sweepstake!

  3. You learn something new every day! I don't remember this bit in the bible I have to say!