Saturday, 5 June 2010

Do dogs have souls? (Part ten)

Dogs are officially music lovers now that Sydney Opera House has opened its doors to 1,000 dog lovers and their pooches.
The 20-minute concert kicked off with a mellow set featuring whale calls and soothing white noise, before moving through a rhythm and beat section to a discordant crescendo almost drowned out by hundreds of barks and howls.
The capacity to enjoy music has long been regarded as a sign of a spiritual side; Tolstoy described music as “love in search of a voice” and Kurt Vonnegut opined that “The only proof needed for the existence of God is music.”
You can also purchase this CD for your canine. This clip from Youtube is well worth playing, not only because listening to music is a form of prayer, but the accompanying pictures also score high on the “awwww...cute” factor


  1. The CD certainly soothed me. My little cairn does not like loud or discordant music. She runs away! This one is ideal./ Loved the photos

  2. Bessie favours Mozart over Wagner!

    My son used to play this CD with "She's my man" (Scissor sisters, I think?) on it and it drove Bessie mad! She would jump up and bark and even snarl at the CD player!

  3. I'm now really worried that Arwen has no soul. When I put this clip on she jumped off my lap and retired to another chair, where she proceeded to give a thorough cleaning to her genitals. Having done that, she left the room.

    Is there any hope for her, do you think?

    Iffy Vicar (& Iffy Dog)

  4. Perhaps it was her way of showing her appreciation? I hardly feel qualified to comment...

  5. It is telling that the Opera House welcomes dogs and not Mr Pete Jensen's Calvinist Chapels - although it is to be expected. Dogs are sensible creatures, whilst Mr Jensen and his followers are simply barking mad.