Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tom Butler's Thought for the day

An interesting contribution from Tom Butler as he asks what price unity in the Anglican Communion here.


  1. Thanks for this - I must confess I usually dash to radio and turn off 'Thought for the day' as I can’t stand it! Particularly if it is Anne Aikins or Lionel Blue: one nauseates with her reactionary comments and the other with a liberalism that retreats into a woolly mist...

    No this was rather sensible and something I try and remember when I have the ‘bit between my teeth’.

    The following is from a comment I made on a student’s exam essay I was marking the other day:

    ‘The student has not answered the question, but instead chosen to give an long, disjointed and opinionated monologue, that ignores lecture, course and reading material and veers towards inane waffle...’

    This is from my notes – I chose not to include the comment on the actual marked piece of work (sometimes after marking several hundred scripts, you can be a little harder than is really necessary!!) – though I still failed it! Sometimes ‘freedom of speech’ can mean hurting someone unnecessarily – and I decided such was the case here.

    There are some blogs I no longer comment on for this reason and there are others that don’t allow me to comment for the same reason!!

    I do try to listen – but so much of ‘conversation’ is used to stem the impatience of waiting for the other person to finish by thinking of what to say next; listening is very low on many people’s agendas!!

    Thanks again:


  2. Thanks Stephen,
    I hope you continue to comment here. I saw you gave up on the fundamentals site the other day - I assumed the comments from "S" were yours, they had your stamp?

  3. Thanks

    Yes, I was ‘S’ on the Fundamental’s site. I actually found the site doing a search on Google Blogs re: True Freedom Trust but was not surprised to see it brought back to east Herts (there must be something in the water that end of the county (I live in West Herts)).

    I actually just got fed up with the layout of the blog – it’s so confusing (I’m not very bright when it comes to layouts – the simpler the better for me!).

    Emm, an odd blog and one it was no surprise to see it linked with ‘The Narnian’. I just find it intellectually weak to believe there is ONE reading of Scripture or one mode of belief, when history tells us that anyone who has come up with the ‘Real’ Christianity has – usually in the space of a generation – by the process of schism, spawned two more versions of ‘Real’ Christianity – each usually hating the other. The same is true is Islam, indeed, poor Islam is having a bit of a battering at present as it too has to do deal with diaspora, mass communication and the privatisation of life and despite the popular belief Islam is much more diverse than Christianity as it doesn’t have the same authority figures (no Popes or Archbishops). Hence it tends to have very local expressions.

    There were plenty of comments about the ‘Queen’s Speech’ (or whatever it was posted). I didn’t join in...

    It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t the large dose of pomposity and arrogance. Anyone who fields a reasoned debate and/or makes a well thought out point is shot down in flames or just ignored. I did a search on the author’s name and came up with a web community where he flounced out – I’ll post the link in another comment and so you don’t have to have the name on your blog – it makes for quite funny reading!!

    Oh well – back to my research ethics form. I am just drafting the consent form I have to give (according to college regulations) to my research participants. Given the fear of litigation rules these days, I wonder if I will get any ‘untainted’ data. I have to warn potential subjects of the risks of being interviewed by me!! There aren’t any really. My only fear (covered in the form) is that a worker in one of the faith based charities I am researching (one Muslim & one Christian) discloses to me they’ve been funding a crack habit using client’s benefit money or the like – I have noted criminal activity may be reported to a third party!

    The weeks speed by and still I am not in the field. I am getting worried...

    Thanks again for this:


  4. I must see what is happening on the Narnian at some point:)

    Hope the research goes well