Friday, 28 May 2010

Tired all the time

I was going to blog on something topical, but I have contented myself with the link below on the basis that half term has arrived!
These last few weeks have not been easy and I have resolved that, now that things are looking a bit more settled and work is less demanding, I am going to look after myself. I have been suffering recently from tired all the time syndrome. You know the one? You wake up tired, feel tired most of the day, come home tired, fall into bed exhausted...wake up tired.
The looking after Sue plan consists mainly of eating well, going to the gym more regularly, spending some time with family and catching up on sleep. It has started this evening with a ( gentle) session down the gym, a glass of wine and a delicious chicken and chickpea curry, courtesy of Kev.
I recommend it to everyone!


  1. Hope you get better soon. I am suffering from that too at the moment but I am just about to have a week off :)

  2. I've been better these past few days anyhow.
    I got one day this week (Tues I think) that I kept wanting to lie down and sleep all day. I came home and went to bed thinking I must be ill. I don't think I was, just exhausted. I've been feeling better since then!

    Anyhow, before this turns into a blog about my hypochondria, I am glad you are having a week off - hope you blog lots!