Saturday, 10 April 2010

A tale of two letters

One letter in question is from the Presiding Bishop about the consecration of Mary Glasspool. Katharine Jefferts Schori writes that,

"our Communion also has a very broad range of opinion... some provinces do not believe women can or should be consecrated as bishops; some do not believe divorced and remarried persons can or should be consecrated; some provinces do not believe persons without advanced theological degrees should be consecrated. I know that many of you do not see these as equivalent, yet our diversity remains."

The other letter is from Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda, also in response to the consecration of Mary Glasspool, he warns that Anglicanism is moving, "further and further into a darkness." He also complains about TEC, he complains about an alleged "shift in the balance of powers", he complains about the Windsor process, he complains about the way the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion has developed, he complains he has been treated unfairly - in fact he complains quite a lot!
(Bizarrely, Orombi says that, "there is no such thing as the Standing Committee." It is not quite clear whether he has resigned from the Committee. Ruth Gledhill in her blog says he has not - I suppose we would have to ask if you can resign from a Committee that you believe doesn't / shouldn't actually exist?)

Finally, he calls for an urgent meeting of the primates, and insists the primates of TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada must not be invited.

In short, Rowan William's mail bag could be summarised thus:

Hi Rowan,
We're going ahead.

You are useless, you should have stopped this before,
stop it now, kick them out.

Mary Glasspool is to be consecrated on 15th May.


  1. I think The Most Rev. Dr. Luke H. Orombi should be satisfied with and remain focussed on solving the enormous challenges facing his flock right here at home. All this is a distraction from his calling and ministry. If all the primates could do that, they'd have far less time for squabbles over non-issues!

  2. Good luck trying to convince them!

  3. I'd sooner dance the cha-cha-chá to Gregorian chants!

  4. *Amused*
    I think you might look quite fetching dancing the cha-cha, but maybe with a bit more tempo...
    [just being silly :)]