Friday, 16 April 2010

Special courts for Christians?

This link takes you to an interesting clip from Radio 4 in which two participants discuss whether there is a clash between gay rights and religious rights, and whether specialist judges should hear cases involving Christians.
I think judges should be impartial and act in accordance with the law of the land, rather than being handpicked for their sensitivity to any group in society. Each case is different and should be considered on its merits; I must say that I do not know all the facts of the McFarlane case.
I do believe that there is a place for freedom of conscience, we see this in the law that allows doctors to be exempted from carrying out terminations and it was decided earlier this year that Christian chemists may refuse to sell the morning after pill. It must be considered that the law of the land does already give Christians organisations special exemption from the laws on discrimination on grounds of gender and sexuality.


  1. If you had "Christian sensitive judges", as Lord Carey wishes, you would open the floodgates for the complete collapse of the British legal system.

    Gender, race, religious belief, sexuality, class and disability would all have to be catered for & there could never be a safe or legal trial or conviction in any case.