Saturday, 17 April 2010

Poster boys

I was quite taken with these spoof election posters - Brown as bully boy bruiser and air brushed "posh boy" Cameron. Surely they should do one sending up the fact that Cameron's kids go to - a state school - he told us often enough!


  1. A good point but Cameron says that Labour is a "tribalist" party - how many of the the next Tory Cabinet will be privately educated?

    Cameron has said he will "rule over" parts of the UK? Maybe in Notting Hill that sounds reasonable!

  2. I've no doubt that more Tories are privately educated. I bet Cameron will do a bit of a Blair as well and aim to get his kids into rather special state schools, like the London Oratory. He has also got his opt out clause in there - he has said he would send his children to state schools IF a place at a good school were available.

    I do think in today's society, any Prime Minster who did not send his or her children to a state school would face considerable adverse publicity over the fact.