Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Now that the dust has settled...

Britain is no longer grounded, and we are free to pollute the atmosphere with plane fumes once again. Just to celebrate, here are a few of my favourite Iceland volcano funnies!

Q:What do Cheryl Cole and the Iceland volcano have in common? A:They both chucked out ash.

Dear Iceland, We said send cash, not ash.

It was the last wish of the Icelandic economy that its ashes were spread all over Europe.

There’s no pleasing the English. The last time they got the Ashes they were over the moon.

A man went out and got hit by a bag of frozen sausages, a chocolate gateau and some fish fingers. Someone said it's fallout from Iceland.
( I know they're dreadful, but it's been a long, long week! )


  1. I was in a restaurant and the waitress said she wasn't very bright. When she heard the planes were grounded she thought they were on strike, but then when she heard that it was ash from Iceland, she thought that her local supermarket had had a fire, because that would cause enough ash to ground all the planes. When explained that it was a country she was surprised to find that Iceland existed as a country.

  2. Oh dear...
    [If I wasn't so right on and PC, I'd ask if she was blonde... Oh no, I just did...] :)