Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Do dogs have souls ( part eight)

I had to link to this great item by Icearc. It is hard to believe it isn't a spoof, but apparently there is a company of atheists in America who will assign you someone "left behind" to take care of your dog for you after you have been swept up in the rapture - see here. (Those of you who have no idea what I am on about should just give thanks for your untroubled upbringing...)

As for Bessie, she is coming with me...


  1. So nice of the atheists to give us peace of mind for 10 years for only £110 (for one pet). But Arwen is going with me, to join my Beddies who are already up there. That is, as long as she stops sicking up on my new carpets...
    Anyway, tell it not in Gath, but I have a sneaking suspicion the millennium has already happened, and was the 1000-year peaceful rule of the Byzantine Empire. And I can think of a lot of things that might be the Rapture (like being let loose in the Laphraiog distillery, with a good view of the sea and the birds) but being hoiked up in the air with a lot fundamentalists is not one of them. Just my luck, I'd be wearing a skirt too!

    Iffy Vicar

  2. I just hope it doesn't happen while I am in the shower - be a bit wet and chilly for a start.
    The atheist who came up with the pet scheme must have thought "money for old rope" though!

  3. This part of the article made my day

    "......He must reassure the Rapture crowd that his pet rescuers are wicked enough to be left behind but good enough to take proper care of the abandoned pets........."

  4. Yes, funny! Do you think the Christian pet owner would pray that the rescuer didn't get saved?

    By the way, I can't comment on your blog any longer, it doesn't seem to be taking comments - the box is missing or something. I don't know if it is just me - you might want to check it out.

    Hope you're OK.

  5. I am OK as i'll ever be, btw fixed the issue with comments. h/t to you. Been too busy with my new job to notice.