Thursday, 25 March 2010

Jesus was British

I am not sure I should inflict Mr. Griffin on you at any time, let alone during Lent, although he can have his comic potential. Here Griffin talks from a "Christian" perspective about his "traditional values and decency" ( I know, I know...)and informs us that, "Christianity is indigenous to these Islands" but that Islam is a foreign import.
So, there you have it, Christianity is inherently British ( nothing to do with the Jews?)and presumably Jesus was too! Even more amusing is when Griffin is asked "What is your Christian experience?" "I'm an Anglican", he promptly replies. I don't think he really understood the concept of a religious experience. If I ever feel that my most profound Christian experience is Anglicanism, then take me out and shoot me, someone...please...


  1. Please visit the Anti-BNP campaign site :

    for more info on the BNP.

    Revelation is a very reactionary channel. (The Daily Mail is its paper of choice when it covers the press.) Griffin was given a very easy ride but that is no suprise as the conservative, charismatic Christians who watch the channel are not exactly keen on interfaith dialogue and will happily listen to right-wing claptrap on TV and in a Sunday morning service.

    Griffin is a puffed up little rat-bully & Christianity is, by its very nature, an international, interacial movement. ( 1 of the many things I like about Catholicism (Anglo & Roman) is it's challenge to nationalism.)

    Yes, Christianity has had some major input into the forming of British culture but so has other belief systems.

    Suem, I think you're right about NG's view of religious experience but I think there are many forms of Anglican sprirtuality which reflect the wider Christian experience.

    Arguably, Revelation's problem is their very protestant "year 0" approach approach to faith - sod reason, sod philosophy, sod tradition & arbitarily interpret scripture without acknowledging that the "plain triuth of the Bible" is actually eisegesis . No wonder they gave "Adolf Brent" such an easy ride!

  2. Thank to you both...I think:)