Saturday, 27 March 2010

How do you eat yours?

I think I got this picture and caption from MadPriest at OCICBW, hope he doesn't mind me posting it, it still amuses me. I also think the caption is quite perceptive. I can imagine Richard Dawkins finding it hard to eat the cross on a hot cross bun and this draws attention to an irrational and superstitious horror of religion that is evident in the most arid atheists.

At the heart of all fundamentalism, religious and otherwise, is fear and hatred, an inability to see past your own convictions and to acknowledge the good in others and their belief systems - even when they do not accord with your own.

Speaking of hot cross buns - does anyone subscribe to the idea that they are not to be eaten until Good Friday ( or is it Easter Sunday or Saturday?) I confess that I eat them freely and indiscriminately from when they first appear in Tesco - and I'd like to bet that I enjoy my hot cross buns a lot more than Richard Dawkins enjoys his!


  1. I don't think Dawkins would have a problem with that at all, actually. I've heard him speak even about singing Christian Christmas carols with great gusto, so I think he is fairly easy-going - even enthusiastic - about customs laden with superstition and/or faith.

    Amusing pic, though!

  2. Oh well! Another great theory bites the dust:)

    Perhaps he is like someone I once knew who was a firm atheist but always attended midnight mass just for the tradition and heritage - and it had to be in an Anglican church ( back to Griffin!) This atheist once told me, "I prefer to disbelieve within the traditions I was brought up in."

    The idea of an atheist unable to stomach a hot cross bun still amuses me...

  3. I've never met him but a tutor of mine from theology college has debated with him on the goggle box.

    Well, since DR Dawkins wears a red "A" on his lapel to fend of people who have audacity to disagree with him & I wouldn't be suprised if he complains that his local Tesco stocks them ... but he would still eat them.

  4. The percentage of atheists in prison is far smaller than our percentage of the general population.
    So even if some of us are eccentric, we're statistically very unlikely to kill/rape/assault/rob you.

  5. I guess that people who have thought around the issues and taken a stance ( whether to believe or disbelieve) are those who are interested in principled action and valuing and living by their convictions. So, I am not at all surprised by this statistic. I am far from thinking atheists are immoral. If you look at my post it is fundamentalism I have a issues with - not atheism per se.

  6. I thought the scarlet letter 'A' stood for 'Adulterer/ess' ?

  7. Perhaps Richard Dawkins hasn't read The Scarlet Letter" or maybe it is a deliberate parody? Anyone know?