Thursday, 4 February 2010

Synod and the ACNA

Synod starts soon( steady now, don't get too excited...)and, although the debate on women bishops has had to be postponed, there is still plenty to look forward to. There is, of course, the debate on whether the Church is going to have the decency to offer equal pension rights to the surviving partners of priests who have entered into civil partnerships as it does to spouses, but also there is the motion by lay member Lorna Ashworth that Synod should, "be in communion with the Anglican Church in North America."

Hang on...if it is really the Anglican Church in North America, wouldn't we already be in communion with it?

Confusing, huh?


  1. They are not "Anglican" Anglicans, but have broken away from the "Episcopal" Anglicans. They have something to do with ACNA and CANA and GAFCON.They are similar to the "Church of England in South Africa" which is not Anglican. Similarly, the Diocese of Sydney claims to be "Anglican" but is "Calvinist". I hope I have clarified everything.

  2. Thank you Rev Akeroff - isn't it confusing? All those acronyms as well - and what do they have to do with FCUK ( or is that a brand name?)

    I hear now they are having a row about how many bishops they are pretending have been actually deposed from TEC.