Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Change of plan

“It will be nice to have some help with the housework this week” , said Mr M as he brought me the morning cup of tea. It was only later, after I’d come round a little (I’m not at my best first thing in the morning) that I wondered what on earth did he mean?
Now, when I took on this new "high powered" job and Mr M became part time worker and house husband, I kind of planned on giving up the housework and have tended only to do the bare minimum of late. Which begged the question again, what did he mean, It will be nice to have some help with the housework?”

I did a quick grammatical analysis; it was definitely a declarative statement – a statement of fact -and it contained the modal auxiliary verb, “will.” Modal auxiliaries, as you will know, indicate the probability, possibility – or in the case of the modal “will”, the certainty of an event occurring. There were then only two possibilities a. Mr M had organised some hired help to get the house spick and span over the half term week OR b. He was counting on me spending some of my half term doing housework (!!??***?)
If you look back at my list of activities planned for half term, housework does not feature highly. (Note to self: must get Mr M to read this blog more often.) However, by 11 am said hired help had not materialised and I realised that this the morning’s statement was what is known as a hint. One of my maxims is that you ignore a hint from your spouse at your peril, so at the risk of sounding and feeling like a surrendered wife, I embarked on today’s major cleaning initiative.

The result was that by the time Mr M returned home at six o’clock the house looked cleaner and tidier than it has done...well...since I took this job and he took over the housework! All I can say is that he had better be grateful and he is cooking the meal tonight (he always does actually) and, after washing up, he’d better make me some fantastic pancakes.

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