Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Anglican Covenant - more a problem than a solution

The news that Bishop Mouneer Anis has resigned from the Anglican Communion Standing Committee is another indication that the Anglican Covenant is doomed to failure. Anis Mouneer’s resignation has been presented by conservatives as a principled protest and, quite rightly, interpreted by liberals as a carefully concerted move by those who want to hijack the whole process. It is far too much of a coincidence that the Anglican Communion Institute has at the same time issued a lengthy statement outlining their belief that the Standing Committee now has no claim to truly represent more conservative voices and that it is now,
“necessary and appropriate for the covenanting Churches to fulfil this task initially by convening a provisional committee “
The official sounding Anglican Communion Institute is, of course, a self styled Anglican organisation serving to promote the interests of conservative factions and break away groups and its “committee” will claim parity, just as breakaway factions claim to be the true face of Anglicanism. The Anglican Covenant will be more a problem than a solution and it always was a fake solution anyway, masquerading as a vehicle for peace and unity when it was clearly designed to discipline, or at least to create the illusion that it would do so.
The lunatics are taking over the asylum but I feel no little pity for Williams or his advisors. These developments are the fruits of appeasing those who will not be appeased and are not amenable to reason; as ye sow, so shall ye reap.

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