Saturday, 16 January 2010

Why are we waiting ( again!)

There is a very strong possibility that the Scottish Episcopalian Church will appoint its first women bishop today. The Rev Alison Penden, Glasgow and Galloway ,is considered the leading candidate for the post.
Meanwhile the revision committee, appointed following the decision of Synod last July, seems to be showing a remarkable capacity to hinder the whole process of women bishops in the Church of England.
First the committee seemed to ignore the clear wishes of Synod in its October decision to allow the “vesting by statute of certain functions” to appease traditionalist opposed to the ministry of women, only to back down in the face of a lot of pressure and complaint. Now comes the news that the admission of women to the episcopate will not come before Synod in February, but will be delayed until July, a timing which is unsatisfactory for a number of reasons.
What was the reason for this delay? Apparently, it was because the revision committee “missed the deadline.”
Was this Committee handpicked for incompetence and the ability to procrastinate, or is that just a given amongst anyone running anything important in the Church of England?

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