Saturday, 23 January 2010

Training video

This should be shown in every church to give us some helpful tips.


  1. How come this video doesn't include the "threaten them with hell" method?

    This brought back memories of the nightmare of having to "witness" to friends as a child.

  2. Rarely have I been so moved. I am becoming a YOB immediately.

  3. Personally, I favour the intimidation method or the reverse psychology.

    I do have a book of common questions and answers about the Christian faith by Nicky Gumbel - one of those ones with a picture of a bloke carrying a large question mark on his back on the front. Kev was given it when he got confirmed and we have kept it for sentimental(?)value. Would you like me to post little gems for you? Alternatively, you could buy book as Lenten reading?