Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Rising wives/ falling husbands

Anglican Mainstream has published an article about how wives are catching up with their husbands in terms of education and salary. They don't actually say so, but I get the feeling that we are meant to consider this a bad thing!

In 1970 only 4% of women had a greater income than their husbands, a fact which meant the vast majority of men could feel comfortably superior. Now a shocking 22% of women are flaunting more dosh than their spouses.

I think the same trend is happening in education, but the graph had too many colours on it and so I got all confused and couldn't be bothered to interpret it ( see video below for scientific explanation.)

Never mind, Anglican Mainstream, less than a quarter of women may be earning more than we used to but most of us still can't drive. That's just the way God made us ( see video above for explanation and warning.)

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