Sunday, 31 January 2010

More of that white stuff

I was not too thrilled this morning to draw the blinds and find that the snow had fallen and was still falling on Macclesfield. Yes, it is beautiful, but I do not want a repeat of the slithery, white knuckle ride to work that I experienced only a few weeks ago, nor of having to get up fifteen minutes earlier to defrost my car. There was nothing on the news, of course, it is only if they get a few flakes in London that there is suddenly a national emergency.

It is all going to thaw tomorrow with predicted temperatures of 4 degrees, or so one optimist at church told me this morning, so I did take these photos while trudging back over the fields , just as a momento.
(The top is of the estate taken from the school ground and the one above is of the playing field behind the leisure centre.)

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