Friday, 1 January 2010

ABC's New Year message

Correct New Year's video, courtesy of Rajm at Scatter Cushions:

Thanks Robert!


  1. I'm confused - if you go to the youtube page that claims to be the message for New year 2009 and the newest comment is 11 month old!? But the ekklesia website suggests the words are correct for this year. Maybe thet've tried to replace a video with one with the same name not changed the titles (to the right) and got the old comments?

  2. Yes, that's the 2009 new year message - go to the Canterbury web site or my blog for the correct version. You weren't the only one confused I think at one stage the bbc had the wrong text. Where did you get the youtube link from?

  3. I thought I got this from the C of E website - but maybe it was Ekklesia or BBC? Anyhow, I'll nick yours then, if that's OK?

    Just shows I didn't memorise it from last year!:)

    How are things with you at the moment?