Sunday, 22 November 2009

X Factor

Much ado in our household as Jedward are now in the sing off and may be ejected from the X factor ( or so I am reliably informed.) These admittedly rather annoying twins have become hate figures in our household and my younger son has announced that he "can't bear it" if they get through. Their hair is apparently "too sad for words", they "can't sing" and they "dance like girls". Although I am not sure I approve of the gender stereotypes and strongly feel that the fate of Jedward is hardly a seminal issue, I now feel sucked into the drama and am awaiting cries of joy or horror from downstairs...


  1. These two twins have become almost a ludicrous as the Ould boys, except the latter are bald.

  2. But the Ould boys don't dance like girls now, surely:)

  3. A comment has just arrived in my inbox that uses fairly explicit language ( by an anonymous reader.) I am always delighted when people read this blog and flattered that they want to comment but I just want to politely say that I don't want to post sexually explicit comments, especially when they are about named individuals.