Saturday, 28 November 2009

Knowing how to act

The post below was taken from Thinking Anglicans and is fascinating for what it reveals about the thoughts and dilemmas within Episcopalian circles in the run up to the election in Los Angelos :

"In about a week the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles will gather in its annual convention to elect two suffragan bishops for the diocese. Among the six well qualified candidates are a partnered lesbian and a gay male priest married to his husband during the few months when it was legal for same sex couples to marry in California.
Imagine, if you will, what must be going through the minds of serious delegates and electors (I am one) as we approach this election, and as we view from here the events unfolding in Uganda and the Anglican Communion.
Who would hold back from voting for a well qualified lesbian or gay candidate whom she or he believes is the Holy Spirit's choice so as not to offend those who might otherwise leave the Episcopal Church for the Roman Catholic Church, or the Anglican Church in North America, or a conservative evangelical church?
What has happened to the cries of 'apostasy", "anything-goes morality", "abandonment of the faith once delivered to the saints", and "rejection of the plain truth of scripture", so loudly shouted at us by those who now make common cause with the Anglican Church of North America and Archbishop Orombi? These are the persons who told us, unctuously, of their love for LGBT persons and of Jesus' desire to "heal" them through organizations that we now know advocate for the imprisonment and execution of LGBT persons.
Shall we continue to observe a "moratorium" on the consecration of partnered gay persons to the episcopacy - a moratorium demanded at Dar Es Salaam by prelates who are now thunderously silent or supportive, as a government in a nation with a large Anglican Church plans to open a pogrom against LGBT persons?
Shall we defer out of respect for and desire to be in "first tier" communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who had no hesitation in flying to Canada in 2008 to make clear to the Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada the consequences should they vote to bless same sex unions and who had the temerity to open his sermon at the General Convention of TEC in 2009 with a very clear reference as to how he would like us to vote on resolutions before us - but who is now eerily silent about the actions of the Church of Uganda? For me, this person's excuses for public silence take from him the moral authority that I would wish he had.
Perhaps we should refrain from voting for the Holy Spirit's choice for bishop, should that be a gay person, out of deference to our "ecumenical partners", especially the Roman Catholic Church, which has shown such deference to us and whose pope is equally silent about the proposed murderous attack on LGBT persons in Uganda.
I don't know how the Holy Spirit will lead us in Riverside California a week from now. I do know that most of us will listen far more to her than to the blandishments of those whose views and inaction demonstrate a lack of common human decency that is stunning."

TEC has been here before, in 2006 I believe, when, if I remember correctly, they refrained from electing a gay candidate, it will be interesting to see what they do next month.

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