Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sign of the times

There is a case in The Telegraph today that relates to my last post. Shirley Chaplin a nurse is claiming religious discrimination on the basis that she has been asked to remove the crucifix she wears, or wear it under her clothing while at work.
Her employer's request, were it based on the fact that the cross is a religious symbol, would be discrimination but the ban is on the basis that jewelry poses a health and safety risk - and all jewelry is banned, not just crosses! It seems quite clear that, while Mrs. Chaplin may well be disappointed, she is not facing persecution. Mrs. Chaplin claims that she is being asked to "choose between her job and her faith" but this is patently not true! There is no stipulation that Christians must wear a visible cruxific. Mrs. Chaplin can tuck her cross under her uniform while at work without betraying her faith in any way whatsoever.

Whether some of our health and safety restrictions are just a little bit daft is another matter!


  1. Oh, the invigorating effect of a rare burst of sanity. Thank you, Sue. I'm so tired of these people who clamour for attention in this way. The previous nurse who fell foul of this, (I forget her name) was actually pressing hard-line tracts into people's hands that told them unsaved people would go to hell. She wasn't just sitting and saying a simple prayer. There's also, often, a hidden and racist, anti-muslim thing going on.

  2. These incidents and cases are often misreported and sensationalised by certain sections of the media. You get headlines such as, "Child told not to mention God" or "nurse sacked for offering to say a prayer" but there is usually a more complex situation behind the story.