Thursday, 20 August 2009

Speaking out!

Public speaking comes top of the list of common fears and phobias, apparently many people say they fear it more than death, which is clearly an irrational response as death is pretty permanent and public speaking usually only lasts a few brief minutes. Although I would generally tend to opt for burbling in front of an audience over a brush with the final reaper, I have to admit that I am no exception to the usual run of humanity when it comes to this particular activity.

The technical term for fear of public speaking is glossophobia , a term which gives the condition a certain kudos to my mind! Symptoms include a dry mouth, racing heart, dizziness and some people faint or vomit - which at least gets your audience's attention. Popular wisdom tells us that the best way to tackle your fears is to meet them head on ( unless your fear just happens to be of an articulated lorry or a grisly bear, obviously...) so, a few years ago, in fear and trembling, I joined a public speaking club.
The result? Enormous fun! Loads of belly laughs ! - and a big boost to my self esteem.
For anyone who feels any anxiety about public speaking, wants to build confidence, loves socialising or really does just yearn to be the centre of attention ( look at ME, look at ME - yeah you know who you are, you egotists out there...) - I recommend the ASC ( Association of Speaker's Clubs.)
Featured are Marilyn ( picture at the top) and Jane, our publicist at our members' dinner yesterday.

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