Sunday, 16 August 2009

A real Winner!

The beautiful doggie pictured in all her glory above is Fleur , sister of Bessie, our adorable West Highland terrier. Bessie was one of a litter of six, one dog and five bitches and Fleur was kept on by her breeders, Dot and Dave Dingle, who show their lovely dogs. Fleur is a bit of a star and was awarded "Best Breed" at the Wigan show this year and I may be biased but I can see why. The other picture is of Dot with Fleur in a line up and they are second from the left.

I will post another picture of Bessie sometime in the near future ( you can find an earlier post on her by clicking on the "dogs" tag below) , but first ...confession time...she will have to be bathed and groomed as she is rather partial to rolling
in the mud, or in puddles when out walking, or to digging in our garden - she likes to "help" when I am doing the flower borders.

At the moment she is not quite as pristine white as a white West Highland terrier perhaps ought to be and I don't think she would win any prizes, but she does scrub up nicely - and we all love her to bits...

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