Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Locusts have been

Every few days during the Summer holiday, my younger son invites one or more friends around for a "sleepover." This involves a lot of noise, video games and bodies (eventually) asleep on sofas and floors. What also happens is that they invariably eat me out of house and home. Son and friend arrived home yesterday from town, raided the cupboard before consuming a large cooked meal ( courtesy of Mr.M.) They consumed a large quantity of horrible gummy sweets, against my advice. This morning they announced they were "starving" ( surprise me) and when asked how many sausages they wanted in their fry up, answered "ten." They got four - we do pay lip service to the obesity crisis in this house.
After breakfast ( and a few rounds of toast) they left to, "go up town, back later " , I started to tackle the large pile of washing up and discovered the biscuit tin, which I replenished only yesterday. It was empty.

I apprehensively await their return...


  1. I notice you do "Bed & Breakfast" I shall be round tonight.

  2. You would be very welcome. Can you manage to eat an entire bag of Haribo "super mix" while watching an episode of "Friends" and before your evening meal? And are you conversant with "Saints Row 2?"

  3. I can manage the former, but know nothing about Saints.

  4. I am sure their ignorance exceeds your own.

    I should like to pretend that "Saints Row" is an illustrated guide to the great Saints and Martyrs, rather than a video game featuring extreme violence, owned by my eldest son and coveted by his brother:)