Sunday, 23 August 2009

For the bible tells me so...

Recently, I wrote that, "God, in man's hands can be a dangerous thing" and of course it follows that the bible and sacred texts can also be a dangerous thing. I came across this response from John Piper, published on Wednesday in response to the question, "What should a woman do if her husband is abusive." Now, my response to this would be 1. Be clear that it is not her fault ( abuse has an appalling effect on self esteem)2. Get some help and support to leave him if it is unlikely he will change - (and research suggests that violent men rarely change.)What I would NOT do is reach for the bible, unless it was to point out how far this man has departed from biblical teaching, such as the injunction to love their wives as Christ did the church - and be prepared to lay down their lives for her in Ephesians 5.

Piper however does not really see the abuse as the husband's problem, nor is there much evidence that he is really concerned about the very serious problem of domestic violence. Oh no, Piper's main interest - and I do mean interest - is what a wife would do if the husband's abuse involved wanting her to engage in group sex! and his advice that she should respond by saying something along the lines of "how lovely it would be if she was to be able to obey him, but unfortunately it would be disobeying Jesus - and Jesus is an even higher authority than her husband." Piper is also really concerned about how the wife is going to say," no" but still make it clear that she respects this man and submits him as her leader, he honestly seems to see the woman's continuing submission as the main matter to be resolved.If you think I am parodying this, just look at Piper's response! Does anyone know of a reputable psychologist he could see...or is this type of deep rooted misogyny simply incurable?
The picture above is of someone reading the bible with their head ( and heart) removed , because you know folks, it's not the bible that it the problem, it is the hearts and minds of those who read and interpret it.


  1. Great post! I just finished one myself on a similar theme lol. Yes I have been a bit busy of late alright! I hope to read your equality post tomorrow, as I am just too tired at the moment! :)

  2. Thought you were busy - mind you I know all about that at the moment. I am going to have to master the art of shorter but more frequent posts.I am blogging on bishops at the moment as you see.

    Will visit and read your latest:)