Sunday, 23 August 2009

England win the Ashes

Apparently, England have won the ashes against Australia and, according to my husband, this is a very significant event. Now, obviously, I am a girl and don't really understand about sport and all that, but Mr.M has suggested I get my priorities right and blog about something interesting and important for a change, instead of subjects such as faith , inclusion, equal rights for women, poetry and animals, which are "wussie things"( do you know, I think he's been listening to those Aussie men and getting all competitive.)
Anyhow, I listened to Mr. M's opinion on the matter (very rare) and I decided to submit to his leadership ( even rarer, but maybe I've been influenced by Piper - see below.) Well, the upshot is that I have posted this picture of the very photogenic Stuart Broad and Andrew Flintoff.
I do like the way that the clothes cricketers wear are always white, the colour really suits them and it looks so nice and fresh in the sunshine...
(NB: I am really quite proud of England for doing so well)
Will that do?

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