Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Christian Nation?

One of the issues that has been in the press on and off over the last few months is whether Britain is still a Christian nation or whether there is a rising tide, not just of apathy but downright hostility to Christianity. Cases such as that of Caroline Petrie, the nurse who was suspended for praying with a patient, have prompted some to ask whether Christians are in a persecuted minority ( for the record I think this is overstating the case somewhat!)
This week, Gordon Brown has spoken out saying that “Britain is still a Christian nation” and that people should not be afraid to express their faith in the workplace ( along with statements such as, "the economy is well on the way to recovery" and “Labour will win the General Election”...that’s it then, the future of Britain as a Christian nation is doomed...)
I am not going to comment on this topic in detail, although I may well at a later date, but while reading Gordon’s comments, I noticed an article proving that discrimination against non-Christians is alive and kicking on the other side of the pond...
Denny’s, a diner in Texas, has decided to offer discounts to church goers. Anyone who brings in their Sunday service sheet to prove they have attended, is entitled to a 10% discount off the price of a meal. Apparently, this practice is not that uncommon in certain states but in this instance a non- churchgoing customer made a complaint to the manager. Allegedly, when the outraged atheist asked for a 10% discount on the grounds of religious discrimination, he was told (sorry, I love this bit...),

“it’s not for you, it’s only for people who go to church.”

I tried to imagine this scenario in Britain and, although I wanted to have some deep thoughts, somehow I couldn’t get past wondering what would Richard Dawkins do?

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