Thursday, 23 July 2009

News from Turkey

Day four of our holiday and we are looking browner and more relaxed every day. The resort is very nice with stunning views over the Agean - pictures to come and excellent facilities, four pools, a gym , sauna etc. The food is also good, although not to the taste of our elder son.

So far we have largely taken things easy ,with the exception of Tuesday, when Matthew and I spent an hour working out in the gym ( his request, not mine.) Today we went to Bodrum and looked round the castle of St Peter ( above), established by the Knights of St John in the fifteenth century then back and straight into the pool.

Saturday is our wedding anniversary and we are going out on a day cruise taking in the coastline, we stop off at several points to swim in the sea. We have done this type of trip before, the boys are adept swimmers and they love it. We have an anniversary meal booked for the evening - the boys are going to be grown up and eat on their own without fighting, at least that is their promise!

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