Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Kev's nearly back, school's nearly out and I'm soon off!

We break up on Friday 10th July at 12.30 ( three cheers) and I am straight away off to York to Synod. Then another week and the boys break up and we are on HOLIDAY! (I'm not excited or anything...)

I'm at Synod from the Friday to the Monday lunchtime, staying in a student flat, self catering - but am told there is a pub that serves good food nearby. I have no idea what Synod will be like, not having been before. It makes me feel a bit "churchy" and I'm not really churchy, but then I'll sort of be on the sidelines, so not really! I will post when I get back about how things went.

Mr. M flies back from China soon. He phoned me today at 4ish, sounding lonely and longing for home. It is a shame that he comes back and then, almost straight away, I am off. We are going to go out for a meal on Monday to catch up.

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