Saturday, 18 July 2009

Going on a Summer Holiday

If anyone has been reading this blog, you may have noticed that we are going on holiday ( have I mentioned it enough?) We will be away for a fortnight and I will try to post but may not manage piccies so here to fire your imagination - well, mine really - are some photos of the place we are going in Bodrum, Turkey.

We are really looking forward to a chance to take a break, spend some time together, as a couple and as a family. We have a trip to Ephesus planned and will be celebrating our anniversary while away , other than that we aim to enjoy lots of sun, swimming, food, drink, reading and just generally relaxing as people do!


  1. We were discussing roman garrisons in Ephesus yesterday morning - I'd been talking about where Philippians might have been written and whether Ephesus was a goer - so you will take notes?

  2. I'll do my best ( is this my holiday assignment?) I did think of having a quick read through Ephesians before we went...